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“You cannot have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.”

– Abraham Hicks

Upcoming opportunities

Rebrand My Triggers

Constantly berated by frustration & avoidance?

Recast the scapegoats that make your triggers thrive & fuel your draining thought patterns.

That is, are you're open to creating a new story?

The Values Workshop

There's a lot of sh*t going on around us.

If you're not clear on your top values, that sh*t makes life really overwhelming.

Who are you amidst your titles, your roles, & your sh*t?

more than a 'workshop'

While TC workshops are a step into the world of living a better, more free version of you, they are not the end. 

In fact, they are just the beginning. 

This is a community. A movement. A generation stepping up.

starts with a seed of desire

The “how’s” & the “when’s” hijack focus, limit us in overwhelm, throw us into limbo

To diverge from the “I’m stuck” limbo:

Step 1: Declare a specific level of commitment to your values & your vision.

Step 2: Get messy. Unearth what’s blocking your vision.