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The series starts March 19, 2023!

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Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! In case you need to contact me, my cell is +1 (480) 840-4275 –international speakers, I am on WhatsApp.


Again, thank you for sharing your expertise with rising change-makers as part of the Untold Secrets of the Wealthy Changemaker. Happy to expand the ways in which the world hears your gifts and wisdom.




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Interview Schedule

NOTE: To be updated as we get closer to the launch!

Solo Email Copy

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  1. Are you using your time to survive? Or to impact the world?
  2. Unlocking hidden secrets of wealth & change
  3. The Wealthy Change Maker is Here!
  4. Change the world 🌎…and enjoy it, too?

Solo email copy:


Hi XXX, 

What is the key [insert link here hyperlinked to ‘the key’] to changing your world 🌎?

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The Wealthy Change Maker, [insert link hyperlink to ‘The Wealthy Changemaker] hosted by my friend Taylor Anna Garrett, is designed to help you tap into a wealth of trainings & expert knowledge that can help you grow beyond busy and pioneer your purpose now. 

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Social Media Copy Options

Option 1:

What is DRAINING your energy?

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Option 2:

Do you want to make a difference in the world, but struggle with managing time and finances?

“Untold Secrets of the Wealthy Change Maker”, a Free Online Leadership Series, will give you the tools and strategies to turn your vision into reality.

Join us for 10 days of inspirational interviews & trainings from 12+ top global experts so you can become the wealth creating change-maker you know you are.

We are taking a stand for you to create your answers to your wealth & impact. 

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Option 3:

If we want to live a satisfying, transformative life, rather than in an eternal struggle against time (& money), we get to do the inner work. 

I’m collaborating with the creators of “Untold Secrets of the Wealthy Change Maker”, a free online Leadership Series.

We are giving you insider strategies to transform your relationship issues with… your money & time.

Experts reveal how to go from expanding your problems to expanding your results with only 24 hours in a day. 

You have a choice right here. Notice that? Expand your awareness = expand your possibility. 

The series begins March 19th! Get FREE ACCESS via my #Linkinbio [or insert your link here]

Option 4:

Imagine: in 10 days you know how to move “hard things” from stuck into decision and DONE. The kind of “done” that makes you ready for more.

When you open this door, you get to: shift your thoughts = shift your results. 

Starting March 19th, 12-leading experts in time management, wealth-building, mindfulness, productivity, & change-making are sharing decades of knowledge for 20 minutes/day over 10 days

Ready to tap into momentous thinking? Get access to the FREE online expert series “Untold Secrets of the Wealthy Change Maker”.

I’m collaborating with the creators of “The Wealthy Change Maker” to offer you a new way to lead your impact & your mind. 

We are showing you how to BE in completion & clarity so you actually feel like procrastinating on procrastinating. 

You get to change the world and enjoy it, too.

Get FREE access here. Let your limitations power your shift: [insert link here] 

Promotional Graphics

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