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I have truly enjoyed getting to know all of you and having the privilege to take part in these amazing conversations!! Thank you for sharing your time, energy and passion! 

The series starts April 11th

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Affiliate Links

Carl Pullein:  https://rebrand.ly/time_makeover_CP

Derek Baron: https://rebrand.ly/time_makeover_DB

Dr. Emee Vida Estacio: https://rebrand.ly/time_makeover_eve

Dr. Frank Buck: https://rebrand.ly/time_makeover_fb

Francis Wade: https://rebrand.ly/time_makeover_FW

Kaia Roman:  https://rebrand.ly/time_makeover_kr

Jill Wilkinson: https://rebrand.ly/time_makeover_HHH

Marc Buckley:  https://rebrand.ly/time_makeover_mb 

Mutsa Samuel: https://rebrand.ly/time_makeover_mn

Olga C. Morett: https://rebrand.ly/time_makeover_om

Ray Sidney-Smith: https://rebrand.ly/time_makeover_rss

Steven Griffith: https://rebrand.ly/time_makeover_sg

Trevor Lohrbeer: https://rebrand.ly/time_makeover_tl

Trish Taylor: https://rebrand.ly/time_makeover_tt

Zappy Zapolin: https://rebrand.ly/time_makeover_zz

Interview Schedule

NOTE: This schedule is the order in which the interviews will be released.

Solo email copy

Subject line options:

1. How to “Makeover” Your Time

2. Relationship advice for you & your “time”

3. What’s your flow state of mind?


TIME. Is it your biggest adversary or your biggest ally?

In 2022, the world is moving really fast. Often we feel like we are being dragged behind a speedboat, overwhelmed with currents of information.

So let’s talk about your relationship…. with your time. 

This relationship gets to level up NOW. The “never enough’s” get to stop. The freedom to enjoy your time gets to be an everyday feeling. That’s why I’m excited to be partnering with Taylor Garrett in the FREE online expert series, “Your 14-Day Extreme Time Makeover”. 

Get access here [Insert LINK]

Our host, Taylor Garrett, is a peace entrepreneur and leadership coach for change makers in the impact sectors who want to dedicate their energy to building a better future (not to burning out). She’s bringing together 15 international experts to help you remodel your time.

In Your Extreme Time Makeover, you’ll…

  • recast your painstaking perfectionism to work FOR you
  • prioritise, & stop procrastinating on demotivating time-bandit tasks
  • learn how to expand your productivity using creativity 
  • start healing your battle wounds from years of exploiting your energy

Commit to being on the proactive side of your time. If not now, then when?

Grab a spot here! [Insert LINK]


Social Media Copy Options

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Option 1:

Do you own your time – or are you owned by it?

There are 1000’s of reasons to feel overwhelmed & busy. Bet you could give me 50 right now.

Instead, let’s try out some reasons for feeling like you and time are in the flow. Could you give me 1?

Your reasons are more than a mindset. They are your freedom or your prison. 

You get to reclaim ownership of your time. You get to live a life in freedom. Your choice. 

From logical, age-old, proven-to-be-true wisdom to the experimental leading edge, we are bringing you 15 international experts to show you how to re-create your reasons behind owning your time. Get a spot in “Your 14-Day Extreme Time Makeover”! 

You won’t want to miss this.

Option 2:

Do you have a whole laundry list of to-do’s and “must do’s” that make “balance” sound like a word out of an Old English dictionary?

We all have the “the silly human trick” of thinking we know where our time goes.

In an increasingly overwhelming world, time is your most important asset. Reclaim ownership of your time. Seriously. Do it.

Meet 15 international experts who will introduce you to age-old wisdom and new leading-edge approaches to get back what belongs to you. Get a seat at “Your 14-day Extreme Time Makeover”. A FREE EXPERT series that’s about revolutionising the way you “do” time.

Option 3:

There’s so much sh*t going on in the world… so feeling overwhelmed might be an unyielding state of mind (cue a weekly downward spiral into chaos).

Meet our leading experts who will introduce you to reasons why you get to reclaim ownership of your time so you don’t have to live on the precipice of overwhelm.

From age-old, proven-to-be-true insights to state-of-the art approaches, these 14-days will get you into a state of mind where you own your time – instead of being owned by it.

Promotional Graphics

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