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I am so enjoying getting to know all of you. Thank you for sharing your time, energy and passion! 

The series starts November 21st, 2022!

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Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns! In case you need to contact me, my cell is +1 (480) 840-4275 –international speakers, I am on WhatsApp.


Again, thank you for sharing your expertise with rising change-makers as part of the 14 Day Extreme Time Makeover Expert Series. Happy to expand the ways in which the world hears your gifts and wisdom.




Promotional Dates

• Solo Email: November 8-19

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• Social Media (optional): November 11-26 (e.g. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn)

• Not Too Late To Join (optional):  November 21-28

Affiliate Links

Brad Butler II: https://bit.ly/timewithBrad

Daniel Manenga: https://bit.ly/time_DM

Deborah Hurwitz: https://bit.ly/timewithDeborahH

Duff McDuffee: https://bit.ly/timewithduff 

Elizabeth Saunders: https://bit.ly/timewithelizabeth

Eloho Efemuai: https://bit.ly/timewitheloho

Gregory H. Diehl: https://bit.ly/timewithGregory  

Latha Jay: https://bit.ly/timewithlatha

Les Watson: https://bit.ly/timewithles

Maria Hicks: https://bit.ly/timewithMaria

Noah Crane: https://bit.ly/timewithnoah

Sade Kelly: https://bit.ly/timewithsade

Steven Dossou: https://bit.ly/timewithsteven

Tania Diggory:  https://bit.ly/timewithtania

Tierra Womack: https://bit.ly/timewithTierra 


Interview Schedule

NOTE: The release schedule is subject to change. 

Solo Email Copy

Subject line options:

1. Relationship advice for you & ‘your time’: Your Extreme Time Makeover 

2. Calling Change Makers who want to LEVEL UP

3. Ready for answers to your overwhelm? Get a spot now.

Solo email copy:

Dear XXX,

Do you realize the #1 problem for today’s change makers is they have no idea how to manage their time to help the world AND enjoy doing it?

They want to solve problems but get stuck focusing on the things that distract focus & drain energy. 

The BIG question becomes “how do I not feel overwhelmed?”

When we come up against an “I don’t know how”, it can feel like hitting a wall.

I have news for you. Good news. 

I am collaborating with Taylor Garrett in a FREE Online Expert Series, “Your 14 Day Extreme Time Makeover: How to lead your time so you can invest it in what matters most”. 

This 14-Day series is a vehicle to help change makers who have big dreams and don’t know how to execute them with their 24 hours in a day. 

We are teaching you how to: 

  • manage your distractions 
  • be purposeful with your hours
  • develop your own system to execute BIG things consistently 

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This is a decision I want to be EASY for you. I’m all in. Are you? 

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Social Media Copy Options

Option 1:

If you look at today’s world, you might feel like someone opened Pandora’s box. Have you noticed the news? It’s rough. 

I am collaborating with the creators of “Your 14 Day Extreme Time Makeover” to offer a different way for you to lead your time & energy starting TODAY. 

Ultimate key: YOU lead it. Not me. Not your work. You.

Imagine you connect 20 minutes/day for 14 days to experts who will SHOW you how to access possibility not problems. Solutions not limitations. 

What needs to change right now?

Join us for this FREE online expert series. 

Join one day or on Day one – you decide.  

Learn more & get access at #LINKINBIO [or insert your link here] ~ See you November 21!

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Option 2:

Leading-edge creators use their “unknowns” to build new possibilities. Not to hide away.

Their secret? Momentous thinking: They use their problems & fears to super-charge their growth. 

Your limitations can power your shift. [alternate phrase: “your sh*t can power your shift”.]

I’m excited to be partnering with the creators of your FREE “14 Day Extreme Time Makeover” where we show you how to go from continuously expanding your exhaustion to expanding your results

Global experts like me in health, mindfulness, productivity, & change-making are coming to you.

We are taking a stand for you to create your answers to overwhelm. 

Get access at #linkinbio. [or insert your link here]  Mark your calendar for November 21! 

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Option 3:

If we want to live a satisfying, transformative life, rather than in an eternal struggle against time (& money), we get to do the inner work. 

I’m collaborating with the creators of “Your 14 Day Extreme Time Makeover”, a free online Expert Series.

We are giving you insider secrets to transform your relationship issues with… your time.

Experts reveal how to go from expanding your problems to expanding your results with only 24 hours in a day. 

You have a choice right here. Notice that? Expand your awareness = expand your possibility. 

The series begins November 21st! Get FREE ACCESS via my #Linkinbio [or insert your link here]

Option 4:

Imagine in 14 days you know how to start anything from stuck & move it into decision and done. The kind of “done” that makes you ready for more.

Starting November 21st, 14-leading experts in psychology, health, mindfulness, productivity, & change-making are sharing decades of knowledge for 20 minutes/day over 14 days

When you open this door, you get to: shift your thought = shift your results. 

Ready to tap into momentous thinking? Get access to the FREE online expert series “Your 14 Day Extreme Time Makeover”.

I’m collaborating with the creators of ‘Your 14 Day Extreme Time Makeover” to offer you a new way to lead your time & energy. 

We are showing you how to BE in completion & clarity so you actually feel like procrastinating on procrastinating. 

Get FREE access here. Let your limitations power your shift: [insert link here] 

Promotional Graphics

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