Trigger Time Workshop


Trigger Time is a 2-part Workshop that trains you how to clear limiting beliefs that are causing: overwhelm, exhaustion, and self-doubt.

We teach you a process to 1) uncover what’s underneath your triggers and 2) how to build a routine that allows you to shift resiliently from your stressful reactionary mode.

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Trigger Time Workshop

What’s the difference between:

Responding versus Reacting?

The former allows us to intentionally create our experience the way we want. It allows us to intentionally create 10/10 relationships, to create financial freedom, to release ourselves from cycles of overwhelm into a new experiences of easeful creation.

The latter… is a knee-jerk response that is led by the unconscious. Our perceived choices are at a minimum here. Reaction is about survival (fight, flight, or freeze).


Note: It’s normal to walk around life and react to things directly in front of us.

This is called our ‘default’ mode. Research estimates 90-95% of brain activity is unconscious (do your research here, it’s fascinating).

Of course that makes sense. I can’t think about my breathing and my to-do’s WHILE managing my body’s homeostasis.

It’s a powerful function that the our body and brain can operate so many things without me having to think about any of it.


Now, there’s also a challenging part to this.

If 90-95% of our brain activity is unconscious, there’s a lot of other things that are going on that create our experience.

When we enjoy our experience, this feels “good”, it’s easeful, it’s joyful.

When we are not enjoying our experience, there’s room to create AWARENESS here so that we can generate something different.

OR perhaps we want to generate new results, new experiences, but we don’t know HOW.


You want to travel? Make more money? Discover what life is beyond overwhelm? Be the impact in the world and enjoy it too? Have the time to relax?

This requires working with unconscious BELIEF SYSTEMS that are LIMITING our possibility.

To dive into the unconscious beliefs, I offer a 2-part exclusive Workshop, Trigger Time, to take you there.


As we look at your unconscious beliefs, I am teaching you how to create an intentional experience so that you know how to generate possibility around people, things, and experiences that trigger overwhelm, exhaustion, and avoidance (aka doubt, guilt, blame, shame).


Trigger Time Workshop includes:

  1. Prep Homework looking at top triggers
  2. Part 1: Discovery- Your Limiting Beliefs that create trigger responses
    1. Where do your trigger responses limit you?
    2. What you make your trigger moments mean about you and life?
    3. How do your trigger reactions serve you?
    4. Homework to practice uprooting unsupportive triggers
  3. Part 2: Transforming Triggers
    1. What’s the Truth about your belief system?
    2. What’s another possible way of seeing your trigger experience?
    3. New beliefs and how to implement them
    4. Routine building for releasing triggers & applying new beliefs

Each part is 1-1.5 hours (2.5- 3 hours total)

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