The Values Workshop (Be-Do-Have Workshop)


Values Workshop, Saturday July 16th @ 9am PST:

-2.5 Hour Workshop

-Get clear on what’s important to you when you’ve spent so long not knowing

-Fundamental tools for releasing unconscious values that don’t work for you anymore

-Foundation for clearing your scatter brain, your overwhelm, your stuck-ness


The U.S.’s WORST export is Do-Have-Be thinking. When we operate like this, we give our power away to external conditions (my job, the amount in my bank account, my partner, my friends, my kids liking me, etc).

This workshop is a complete reinvention of what it means to lead your life. Be-Do-Have brings the power back to you.

In order to do that, you get to know what your VALUES are and what’s charging them (past wounds or present inspirations). Do you consciously know the most important pillars driving your life? If you live in overwhelm, never enough time, not enough money, or self-doubt, you’ve got a lot of opportunity for clarity.

Join me for a 2.5 hour Values workshop on July 16th @ 9am PST.

If you’re serious about being the conductor of your time and energy, where time, relationships, money, and materials flow easily to you, give this to yourself.




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