Dare to do

"I have never tried that before, so I think I should definitely be able to do that.”

Pippy Longstocking

serious about living a lifetime of freedom as you impact the world?

I dare you to “DO” it

You’ve spent a lot of time figuring out how to “be” in your life, you’ve probably student-ed the most powerful, spiritual leaders you could find (& great teachers at that). 

Now it’s time for you to level up in your ‘being’ by focusing your vision into your lifestyle, your daily routine, & into that moment you wake-up everyday.

Hard part: Endless uncertainty interrupts momentum & your motivation probably too often dips below your ambition. You feel you don’t have enough support when decisions get complicated. 

By ourselves, we design really convincing excuses for postponing our “I really want to’s” when we hit a block— whether that’s your mind, boss, parents, our society, scrolling online. The problem always comes down to no energy, no time, can’t focus. Then you get stuck in the weeds.

Dare-to-Do is about leveling up for those who are enrolled in a vision to make an impact. 

There’s an urgency for building what you want NOW without burning yourself out. 

If you allow yourself to be enrolled in your vision, this coaching group means you get to have serious accountability & support.

Learn how to manage your emotions so you can contribute immense value to the lives of others around you & the world. 

If you’re serious about living a lifetime of freedom as you impact the world, I dare you to “DO” it. Take a stand for yourself & level-up how you lead your vision with this incredible group coaching opportunity which pulls together visionaries from around the world. 

Monthly overview

Month 1


1. Goal Setting

2. Establish measurable milestones for your best vision of this year

3. Designing your Personal Accountability System

Month 2

Commitment & Boundaries

1. Boundaries aren’t just for others, they’re for keeping you accountable to your Self

2. Prioritising: Time & Commimtments

Month 3

Doubling Down

1. Stretching in discomfort

2. Managing Your Emotions

3. Managing Your Time

Month 4

Fun & Joy

1. Rooting energising pillars into your routines/action

2. Instilling routines & habits for thriving (letting go of ‘surviving’)

Month 5


1. Gremlins

2. Blocks

3. Reframing Failing

Month 6

Going Beyond Your Limits

1. Abundant Actions

2. Consistency is key

3. Leadership

***This is a brief overview that is subject to change depending on what shows up in the group as important. Major themes in every month are time management, habit-building, & accountability.

Important Details

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