What's my story?

My Vision

We younger generations are looking at intense existential overwhelm. As Frodo would say, we have a burden

Today, the generations coming into power are inheriting more extreme climates, polarised societies, & intense geopolitical conflicts… The list goes on. You name it, we’ve got a ‘problem’ for it.

Taylored Coaching is a tool in a movement which sets out to reinvent leadership as we know it. I want to make sure the ambitious youth taking on today’s Earth do NOT have to go 1  more day without the support they need to build a world they are excited to leave their children. 

And it starts with me & you. Right here. Right now. You in?

My Story

I am a leadership coach & founder of Taylored Coaching. For a very uncomfortable amount if time, I teetered between breaking out into entrepreneurship & getting a stable job in the peacebuilding NGO world. Guess which one I chose. 

Want to know why? 

Because after living in 7 different countries, I accidentally took the red pill. I saw how my generation was going to inherit a LOT of existential issues. Like game over for humanity-as-we-know-it issues. Then listening to the news & complaining about (or avoiding) the world’s challenges no longer became a viable option for me. I really couldn’t sleep at night.

Now, regardless of what happens to humanity (can’t take it all on), I am claiming a front-line role to transform the disconnect from ourselves & Mama Earth. I’m using my vision, my curiosity, & my mistakes as vehicles for building the world I want to leave behind me.

The key here is stepping into all that on the terms of my own purpose.

So I’m going to be real with you, sh*t is going down in the next decades. We are going to need a pretty huge paradigm shift. 

And we are going to do it. Together.


values in a nutshell


We don’t do facades (those take a LOT of energy). Instead, we do human vulnerability & shame-exposing work.    

And to bring that forward, we’ve got to be real in rain & shine.


This is the OG source of all our stats & the fuel that lights the fire to all powerful change. 

Most of all, we KNOW that the future belongs to the curious…(or do we?)



The core to our learnings come from venturing to where we’ve never been before. Emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually.

Where haven’t you been before? Let’s go!



This is an intention-based company. 

We release ourselves from the grips of expectation to make sure we stay in line with values & vision before money & image.

Freedom of Choice

Our choices reflect our hopes, not our fears.

Hard part: many times we’re not aware we ever had a choice.

Cool part: we’re now realising all the places we do have a choice.


It’s often the thing we like to cringe away from, but it’s THE most useful tool in the shed for manifesting amazing sh*t. 

So, we get comfortable with the uncomfortable.