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It's Taylor Here

Perspective-nomad, self-care activist, neurobiology enthusiast, expert internal-dialogue facilitator, Phil Collins’ #1 fan, & that homie who carries around honey dippers for good luck

I’m part of the generations inheriting oceans full of plastic, countries with $trillions of debt, & a polarised social fabric.

At first, this drove me MAD. I was constantly overwhelmed. Even ran around the world looking for answers. Lived in Vietnam, New Zealand, Senegal, Netherlands, France. Found nothin’.

Until the pandemic of all places. 

Many of us are inheriting a rough slate of challenges which require BIG leadership to transform. 

It is my commitment to not let our rising generations go another day without the support they need to build a sustainable, collaborative world on the terms of their own purpose. 

Welcome to possibility

You are a living, breathing spectrum of possibility. 
Possibilities = choices. Choices can be horrifying.

Leadership coaching

Your own personal odyssey to a lifestyle of freedom. 

The age-old debate of Stability vs. Freedom is a tired, well-rehearsed & very-detailed story.  

So WTF do you do with it?

Workshop Ventures

Where your world inheritance dilemmas come together.

These are daring undertakings. 

Interactive. Illuminating. Expansive.

Red pill or Blue pill? 

Paradigm Time Blog

the taylored Coaching experience

Penelope The Federal Savings Bank

I came to work through undesirable patterns & found so much more.
Taylor helped me identify the cycle I continuously put myself through & gave me the tools and routines to assist with these relentless challenges. Taylor has a powerful style that kept me accountable to my vision. Best part: she helped me release myself from my self-tormenting expectations. Our partnership led me to the freedom of living in intention. If you're ready to get your ass kicked, then look no further!

Alice Economist

There is definitely a before-and-after when working with Taylor.
During her sessions, I went through several first times: I managed to understand & build mindfulness to my lifestyle, I meditated , I allowed compassion into my current conflicts, and most of all, I became fluent in practical techniques for debunking complex negative emotions. Her kindness & expertise are endless. Coaching was a much needed discovery, and Taylor will bring you through it effortlessly.

Sjoerd Tattoo Artist

The Values Workshop made me realise I never gave much thought to my most important values.
I had done them isolated from one-another before, but never together. 'Simply' making a list was already helpful. After discussing these values with people from all over the world, it showed me how culture, background, and environment can influence what's most important to us. Altogether, this workshop was a powerfully insightful experience for walking with integrity to my values.

Helena Holland Park Media

Our 1-on-1 sessions enabled me to think clearly about where I put my focus & which underlying expectations were charging my ambitions.
I consider here a true human advocate with an open heart and a strong intention to help others interact positively. Taylored Coaching is about one mission: Together as friends, colleagues, humans, and at times "enemies", we can start by transforming at the individual level to create more peace within ourselves and in the world.

Rosa Journalist & Social Media Expert

The Trigger Rebranding workshop opened my eyes.
I became aware of not just what bothers me on the surface, but the underlying root causes of my frustrations. At first, it was hard to show up & expose my triggers out loud. Though, connecting with other people openly & vulnerably turned out to be the BEST part of the experience. I discovered totally unexpected aspects of my triggers. It was like taking power back from all those things that suck my energy. I wish everyone could learn this way back in their childhood.

Katie Wine Sommelier

The Trigger Rebranding workshop allowed me to understand myself in ways I never had before.
Thanks to the deep-dive interactive format, I had a dynamic backdrop of perspectives (with fellow participants from all over the world!) to explore what my triggers mean & what kinds of alternative responses to my triggers are possible. Remarkably, the experience moved me to see the self-destructive stories I’ve been practicing my entire life. I would highly recommend this to people wanting to see real change in their lives. Take the opportunity.